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Class of 1988

29th Year Best Teen Academic Study Abroad Pre-College Prep Programme for High School Students 9th - 12th Grade.
London July 9th - 25th. Paris July 25th - 29th. Become a Global Citizen With Lifelong Memories. CCP

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London Eye Ferris Wheel next to Aquarium

Above London

Elgin Marbles Room at the British Museum

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'Henry VIII' at Warwick Castle with CCP Students

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Paris Excursion

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Academic and Leadership Courses
Cambridge University Lecturers

• Psychology: The Journey Inward
• A Hitchhiker's Guide to Physics and Cosmology
• Economics: The Keynesian Revolution
• Finance: Inside London's City
• Archaeology: Stonehenge to the Romans
• The History of British Fashion and Culture
• Creative Writing
• History of Art and Photography
• British and American Intelligence and Terrorism
   and the art of Espionage: Influnces on Operation
   and Strategy from World War I to the Present
• Quantum Physics
• The Psychology of Decision Making and Negotiation
• International Leadership
• College Essay Writing and Note Taking
• SAT/ACT Math Review
• Community Service

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London Theatre

Students with Les Mis Actor

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Chelsea Football Club

London Days

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Beatles' Abbey Road Zebra Crossing in London

Graffiti on
Abbey Road
Studio Wall

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Day trip to Stonehenge

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Warwick visit with 'Queen Elizabeth'

Roman City of Bath

Warwick Castle and Dungeon


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British Museum's
Rosetta Stone

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James Bond Ball Cruise

London Theatre

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Laundry in Dorms

James Bond Ball Cruise

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Private invitation to CCP students
and American WWII veterans at
the dedication ceremony for the
opening of the American War
Museum by the Queen.

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Iconic times on the CCP: invitation to a private midnight Harry Potter party, birth announcement at Buckingham Palace of the future Kind of England, millennium installation of the London Eye Ferris wheel, invitation to CCP physics class from Professor Stephen Hawking for a Q & A session at his office, Tower Bridge 2012 Olympic rings.

Letter from Henry G. Cisneros

Henry G. Cisneros

Parent and Former Mayor of San Antonio,
TX, and Former US Secretary of Housing
and Urban Development

The CCP was the perfect pre-college experience for my daughter. She had the opportunity to take college level courses with Cambridge University professors. The written evaluations with letter grades of the courses from her professors contributed to her being accepted at the college of her choice. All of her professors encouraged developing critical thinking skills in their courses, which was helpful to her in college. The CCP gave her the independence of being at college, but under safe, and supervised conditions. Living in a dormitory, making new friends from all over the world, and managing her time in an academic environment alleviated the anxieties of going off to college. I would personally recommend the CCP to parents wishing a safe academic, cultural, and social program, which will broaden their horizons and help them to succeed in college and beyond.

Financial Aid Information.

Seniors receiving financial-aid packages from colleges they have applied find it difficult to evaluate what is being offered. Only about 700 of the nation's 6,000 colleges have adopted the U.S. Department of Education's "Financial Aid Shopping Sheet" which provides a standard format for evaluating costs and performance.

Download an analysis sheet at

Victoria and Albert Museum.

The CCP will make its annual visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum. The V&A has a very special exhibit "David Bowie Is" features 300 objects on loan from the David Bowie archive, including Ziggy Stardust bodysuits, handwritten lyrics, instruments, photos, film exerts and more.

The Cosmos Shortly After the Big Bang.

Cosmos image after the Big Bang recorded by a European Space Agency's Planck project, lead by George Efstathiou of They show a baby picture of the universe.  The universe is 80 million to 100 million years older.   It shows a cosmos dominated by dark energy and dark matter, and the explosion known as inflation which was the ignition fields in the Big Bang.

The CCP will discuss this discovery in the Physics Cosmology course.

Teen Credit Card

CCP's suggested packing list recommends prepaid credit cards for teens going abroad.  This is a tool for parents to keep spending in check and money management.  American Express has a prepaid PASS program.   MyPlash, a teen-orientated, Master Card. Continuing the trend for celebrity endorsed prepaid credit cards is the Justin Bieber-approved SpendSmart card, which comes courtesy of BillMyParents card issuer, and features, among other thing, parental alerts and monitoring tools.   All of these cards are designed for teens.

Warwick Castle and Dungeon

All day visit to England's finest medieval castle, with a scheduled tour of the castle's dungeon. Knights jousting and falconry are a few of the medieval pastimes students will enjoy viewing.

A Theory about Stonehenge?

The London Sunday Times reports researchers have proposed a new theory that Stonehenge started as a huge graveyard for elite families around 3,000 B.C. Researchers also claim that up to 4,000 people from all parts of Britain had traveled to the site to build Stonehenge for over 10 years. The CCP students visit Stonehenge every summer.

First Lady Scholarship

The CCP in London and Paris, England, a pre-college summer program for teens is offering First Lady Scholarships in honor of all living First Ladies, Rosalind Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama. This is a First Lady Scholarship announcement for all participating high schools.

Presidents' Day Scholarship

The CCP in London and Paris, England, a pre-college summer program for teens is offering Presidential Scholarships in honor of all living Presidents, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. This is a Presidents' Day Scholarship announcement for all participating high schools.

Hacking and Spying Revelations

Corporate espionage involving cyber-attacks and commercial thefts by sophisticated cyber-criminals in American firms, such as the New York Times, General Motors, and the DuPont Company will be investigated in a new course on the CCP, Industrial Spying. The CCP will include International Terrorism and British Intelligence subjects in the courses.

Celebration of Jane Austen's
Pride and Prejudice

The CCP will visit the Roman City of Bath. An open top double decker bus and tour to view Jane Austen's home and museum.

Richard III

Richard III's remains were recently found by the University of Leicester and identified by DNA after missing for over 500 years. He was one of Britain's most controversial rulers. Shakespeare's Richard III workshop at the London Globe Theater for the CCP's students is this summer!

The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins

75th Anniversary of Dr. Seuss's book The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins traveling exhibit of Theodor Seuss Geisel collection of hats.

Sir Isaac Newton's Apple Tree

Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree in his garden in Lincolnshire, England, has a direct descendant of this tree at Trinity College.

Harry Potter London Film Locations

A private tour of film locations from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Order of the Phoenix, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The Hobbit

75th Anniversary of the publishing of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. A movie version was recently released.

Haunted London

Private tour of haunted London at dusk. Voices and footsteps in the darkness or a glimpse of a transparent figure awaits you on this ghost walk.

The Swinging 60's Beatles' London

A private tour of the outside of the Apple offices where they played the famous "rooftop session", the gallery where John Lennon and Yoko Ono met, and the famous area of the Abbey Road Studio and zebra crossing.

The Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes

A private sleuthing tour exploring the London that intrigued Holmes and Watson, following their adventures in Charing Cross, the Strand's gas-lit alleys, and Covent Garden.

College Admission Essay Course

College admission essay course to give students the necessary skills to write a creative essay for the SAT / ACT and also for their college admission applications.

Your experience on the CCP this summer in London and Paris, England will add interesting highlights to enhance your essay, as so many former CCP students have done, who have successfully applied to colleges of their first choice and early decision, such as, Princeton ,Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and other colleges and universities.

Details available in the CCP application!

Apple Computer, the Laptop of Choice

The CCP recommends that all students taking summer programs in England to bring a laptop computer for classes, Skyping, and other Internet use. WiFi is available in the student rooms, and is a great way to communicate with home and friends.

Apple is clearly the laptop of choice among CCP students!

Best Moments


" My children have been on the Duke TIP, Harvard and Andover summer programmes, and the CCP was by far the most inspiring and with the best memories." Sarasota, Florida

"I am a pre-medicine student at Stanford University. I do believe that the CCP had a role in my acceptance to my dream university as well as in my own successes adjusting to academic challenges and a new life. Once upon a time, I journeyed across the Atlantic for an incredible summer and I can truly say that the CCP has changed my life." Palo Alto, CA.

"Desiree was accepted early decision by Princeton, so she is a very happy girl. She gives the CCP credit for being a significantly maturing experience, and contributing to her being accepted." Pound Ridge, NY.

"Kory received credit from Bucknell for her courses."Walnut, PA.

"Baylor University gave me three hours credit, which is one semester credit for each of my elected classes." Dallas, TX.

"The CCP was a tremendous experience for Elizabeth. I feel she succeeded in getting into Harvard in part because of the CCP."
Eufaula, AL.

Prof. Stephen Hawking meeting CCP students


Professor Stephen Hawking meeting with CCP students at his office.

"I had the pleasure of attending the CCP, which resulted in me applying to and being accepted at Cambridge. Thank you for your wonderful CCP, without attending I would never have even considered applying to a school such as
Cambridge!" Austin, TX.



Students at Stonehenge. Trips to Warwick Castle, Bath and more.

"Laura's counselor said she felt that the CCP was instrumental in Laura's early decision
acceptance at Princeton." Hockessin, DE.

Evening Activities


Students dressed for annual James Bond Ball cruise on a private boat on the River Thames in London. Movies, plays in the West End, London Ferris wheel, museums, fencing, and more.

Evening Activities


Sites in Paris, shopping, all day at Paris Disneyland, and more.

Evening Activities


Louvre's Pyramid

Evening Activities

PARIS - Eiffel Tower

“Our daughters Alexandra and Danielle attended the Programme. The reaction from both was the same: the weeks on the CCP were some of the most interesting (and fun-filled) in their lives. The side trips to Bath, Stonehenge, the Tower of London and Warwick Castle were just cultural bonuses to the courses they took. Our thrid daughter is the next in line for the Programme. We highly recommend the CCP to any parent who has a student in high school who might want to go on to a good university.” - Winnetka, Illinois

A Hallmark Memory after 25 Years

Bill Hall

Parent and President
Hall Family Foundation

Our son had a very nice experience. It was his first trip abroad, as well as his first major trip alone. We felt that the travel and time spent in England were well planned and supervised. Carlene and Bill Hall, 1989

Our son, Austin, had a wonderful experience and remembers it fondly. Best for your continued involvement with the program. Bill Hall, 2014

Letter from a Parent and Educator

S. Blanchette - Educator and Parent

Dear Parents and Students,

I have been professional educator and musician for 35 years. I work with semi­ professional and professional students in the Boston, Hartford and New York City Area. I have a private studio and am on staff of a prestigious Connecticut Ivy League Prep School. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the spectacular benefits my daughter, Elizabeth, gained through her summer term with the CCP.

The ability to study with some of the world's best and brightest professors coupled with the educational trips throughout England gave Elizabeth an experience of a life time. The choice of classes and extra-curricular activities gave Elizabeth a broad higher education experience. The entire experience including the dorms and meals prepared Elizabeth for college like nothing else could...

Alumni and Testimonials

S. Blanchette - Educator and Parent

Ron Hale Parent of Three Alumnae

The CCP met all of our requirements for safety and being well chaperoned when we were looking for a pre-college program for our first daughter. After her experience, we had no doubt when it was time to send our twins. They all had challenging classes with all the faculty from Cambridge University. The day trips and cultural activities were tremendous. They had experiences they don't even have in college and it really helped them. We were able to let them go because it was so well supervised, but it gave them a chance to test their independence before college. All of the girls got into the colleges of their first choice and I am sure the CCP helped them to do so. I really endorse the CCP Programme.

Ron Hale, Chicago, Illinois

N. Goodacre - <strong>CCP</strong> Alumnus

"The CCP gave me the initiative to apply by their in-depth application workshop conducted by admission tutors of the University's colleges. This workshop has also helped alleviate the 'how to' for numerous students on the CCP over the twenty seven years who have successfully received a place at the University and graduated with various degrees: Bachelors, Masters (like myself), and even a PhD one student received in Celtic languages." An alumnus of the CCP, he received a Master's Degree from Cambridge, and is currently completing a PhD at Georgetown University

Suzanne Estrada - <strong>CCP</strong> Alumnus

"When I boarded an airplane to London, I was filled with anticipation, nerves and overwhelming excitement. It was to be the first time that I was living without my parents for any period of time, and I was about to do it in another country. Those nerves translated into pure exhilaration upon landing at Heathrow. My experience at the CCP, not only gaining knowledge from fabulous lecturers but also learning just how to live on my own and integrate with a group of my peers, sparked my desire to further my education at an elite university. As a current Yalie, I still remember the techniques that I used to make friends in my entryway and take notes in class. Because I already had experience studying on my own and managing my own academic schedule, I really feel that my transition from high school to college was much smoother than that of many of my peers. But before I even got to Yale, my CCP experience allowed me to stand out. When I mentioned my time in London and Paris to my Yale interviewer, it ignited a great conversation that lasted well over two hours. I cannot stress enough how amazing CCP was both while I was there and beyond!"
Yale Student